Book of Memories for Patricia A. Bedard Book of Memories for Patricia A. Bedard Recent updates for the Book of Memories Frontrunner Professional Book of Memories V4 en-gb Story shared: Fun times I will always remember our archery days ! Fun times, Laughs,Drinks, family times . Never a time we were hungry! You all ways made enough food to feed the whole camp. No matter who she met they were welcome with open arms.Will miss that smile and contagious laugh.....Love you Pat


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Story shared: Mom "I've noticed in my life that people who act as my angels are not some angelic creatures that seem almost untouchable, but are more real than that. They are people who have tasted sorrow, who have felt pain, and in a way, that makes them capable of being an angel. In their darkest moments they have become strong"


This truly sums up our mom "Patsy". She was tough as nails, swore like a sailor, opened her home to those in need, and would give you her last dime. She has endured many sorrows, but aways spoke optimisticlly. She picked us up when we were down, and always had our backs. Mom, I will always miss you.

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